Saving your important memories and moments, one scan at a time.




Using the latest equipment, we can scan color and black photographs, documents, quickly, accurately, and safely to a secure cloud location where only you will have access to the materials.


We can take documents such as microsoft word, or excel, and convert them to pdf form, the standard in portable document formatting.  The same types of conversions can be done to photographs, graphics, jpg, png, tiff, gif, all in an effort to quickly and smoothly have your documents ready for use down the road when you need them.


Once we have done all the scanning, file conversions, we are ready to send your valuable photos and documents to a safe, secure cloud location.  You will be sent an email with a permanent link to the file location that only you will have access to in that cloud.  If you so choose, you can instead have all the files put on a thumb drive, cd, or dvd.


Online Gaming Book Scanned. Just finished our latest project, the adventure game, along the lines of a Dungeons and Dragons type, called, Warhammer, the Horus Heresy. It is a gamers book, 684 pages of gaming information including characters, armor, weaponry, history, in both text and graphics. We can scan just about anything for hobbiest gamers such as this, or books in general. And dont forget, all your valuable and cherished family memories in photographs and important documents, we can get them all to a secure cloud for viewing and sharing. Contact Digiscan at 412 335 0359, or

One of our biggest projects invovled a young man from the middle east, who had 2490 family photographs, paperwork, dating back fifty or more years in some cases.    

Within the space of a weekend, we were able to turn the piles and piles of pictures you see up top, into the bottom picture, a neat interface in the cloud where he could access and  share the photos and family history with others.

When we are not scanning entire books, or thousands of photographs for family archives, we do fun little projects.  Like these two.  Onc is a collector of the orginal Wacky Packages cards that were popular in the 1970s, and the other was for an automotive collector at a local car show.  Now both people are happy they have their collections saved to the cloud for future meets and for talking trades and acquisitions.

Here is our basic price list for scanning of items.  All of these are flexible depending on the size of the actual project, and if there are any special requests or needs by the customer.